A mock-up for young readers

Buck Ryan | University of Kentucky

Hereís a teaching idea Iíve experimented with in JOU 303, News Editing. The students will follow up with a revision of their initial mock-up after critiques and more readings.

Young Readers Mock-up (100 points)

Please create your mock-up cover, or front page, of a publication geared to a young reader in the 18- to 24-age range. It may be a general-interest publication or it may be focused on a special interest.

In a two-page summary please explain the mission and goals of your publication; identify the target reader profile (remember, think of one person); explain your competition by listing at least three competitors in the marketplace and outlining how your publication is different; explain your news judgment for editorial by outlining five killer story ideas; explain your advertising potential by listing five possible clients (real products or services); explain your circulation strategy (free or list a price, list where it would be distributed); and explain how your nameplate and design elements (including color, typography, use of white space and visuals) relate to your mission, goals and target reader. Your two-page summary should be typewritten (12-point, double-spaced).

Deadline: Thursday, Jan. 18

Grading note: Mock-up 50 points, Summary 50 points. Points can be lost for writing and editing errors or wrong format (not typed properly). Summary must cover all points: Create a checklist for yourself from the assignment and provide strong answers for each segment.

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