Exchange editing

Beverly Merrick | University of Nebraska at Kearney | (Submitted in 2005)

I am having my students at Grigol Robakidze University in Georgia, the former Soviet Union, edit the copy of my students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and vice versa, while I am on a Fulbright.

This is accomplished by having a team teacher and my colleagues in the journalism program at UNK manage the lecture series, to which I am bringing foremost Nebraska journalists. One speaker a week will speak to an open forum before students. This will highlight the celebration of the UNKís centennial.

The advanced reporting students will report on the memorial lecture, and the best coverage of the practicing journalist lecturing will be published in the special magazine tabloid of the campus newspaper at UNK, The Antelope.

Meanwhile, the students at GRU will listen to the lecture, and they will cover it too, but the best student in Georgia will write an editorial about the speakerís presentation. It shall accompany the news article written by the winning UNK student, and it will be printed too in the UNK magazine edition of The Antelope.

The students at GRU will publish some of the UNK studentsí work in a special edition of their campus newspaper, The Alumnus. The student editors at GRU will use the best editorial of a UNK student.

The students will have a good opportunity at cultural exchange, as well as learn nuances of the various disciplines in journalism.

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