Learning from cliche's

John Beatty | La Salle University

No doubt most of us have developed a list something like this one. The rationale at the top is not well supported, but there does seem to be a common problem, or two, here. To use it, I used to enlarge it and put it on an overhead, then show each of the "re-invented" versions and ask students to supply the original version, and the context, if possible.

I learned that these age quickly, as many of these simply weren't familiar to students in either form. I also need to turn this into a Web version, and to decide if there is anything else that could be done with the list.

A few of these are catches I made on the job, or heard on the air, so I am able to war story, at the risk of furthering the perception that I am truly out of date. Others were submitted by colleagues to whom I've shown the list. At the risk of overload, additions are solicited, as are corrections or additions to the "context" column.

My list of abused cliche's is at left

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