AP Stylebook: A PowerPoint approach

Jim Eggensperger | Iona College

In teaching the AP Stylebook, I assign lettered sections for each class. And then I create PowerPoints of cogent, interesting points, bringing them up in class so the students can discuss the special quirks and foibles. Like the difference between back yard and backyard.

I select examples that demonstrate patterns and principles. This exercise reinforces the stylebook entries that come up in writing and editing exercises. It also opens up the opportunity for spot quizzes, because they have been assigned specific letters. It provides a structure which does not necessarily come from editing exercises.

I use the PowerPoints to begin the discussion and to determine if the students have studied the section; therefore, they are purposely vague. But I also use a SmartBoard and "edit" or embellish the PowerPoints live and in person. This also is valuable when making out exams because they cannot say it has not been covered in class.

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