Welcome to EditTeach.org's collection of tools for student and professional editors, who need to do many jobs well. Editors must be masters of the language, strong headline writers, creative designers, walking databanks about local and world affairs – in short, they must know a little about everything. The best editors know a lot about one thing. And those who teach editing must know not only all of this but also how to teach it to their students. Here you’ll find resources to become better content and word editors. You’ll also find information about a career in editing, as well as information for teachers and students. Have an idea that we should include? Send it to Deborah Gump.

Tools Of The Trade

Improving Content
Design & visuals
Editing tip gallery
Language skills
AP & other styles
Grammar & usage
Words: Spelling/etymology/slang
Professional Life
Working with people
Law, First Amendment & ethics
Organizations & news sources
Journalism blogs & columns
Internships, jobs & salaries
Online journalism
What copy editors do
Editing Resources
Current events
Math & numbers
Government & citizenship
Science & medicine
Resource roundups
Teaching Resources
Usage & style exercises
Online exercises
Content editing exercises
Fact-checking exercises
Headline exercises
Design exercises
Interviewing & writing exercises
Math for journalists
Coaching & management exercises
More exercises & practices
Lighter side of editing
Courses online
Web & print resources
Edprof listserv
College press resources
High school resources
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