The 10 commandments of the copy editor

1. Thou shall be loyal to the truth, the reader and the reporter, in that order.
2. Thou shall take joy in fulfilling the First Commandment in anonymity . . .
3. ... But thou shall give compliments - to reporters and fellow copy editors - as you would like to get them.
4. Thou shall work WITH the reporter, not despite him.
5. Thou shall admit the mistakes you make.
6. Thou shall ask for help when you need it.
7. Thou shall admit what you don't know.
8. Thou shall work to know as much as possible.
9. Thou shall never settle for just "good enough" - unless deadline is upon you or your slot commands you.
10. If thou work the night shift, look upward as you leave the building and enjoy the stars.

Deborah Gump

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