This syllabus bank for editing courses was created for AEJMC's Newspaper Division. It has two components: an index of links to online course syllabi and a file of some that are loaded at the site. If you would like to contribute your syllabus, send the URL or an attachment to Frank Fee.

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NewsLab, an independent nonprofit based in Chevy Chase, Md., provides a directory of syllabi directories. Included are those for computer-assisted reporting, visual journalism and diversity.

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Tom Dickson's objectives: "At the completion of the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following competencies: a knowledge of newsroom operations and responsibilities of copy editors; the ability to edit copy using Associated Press style rules; the ability to write appropriate headlines that fit the allotted space; the ability to use informational graphics; the ability to crop and size photographs; the ability to use proper layout and design techniques; and the ability to use computer programs for editing and layout."

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Malcolm Gibson's objectives: "The obvious objective is to improve your editing skills and to prepare you for a productive and profitable career in journalism. In addition, the class is designed to: Develop your vocabulary and reading skills. ...; develop your critical-thinking skills ...; develop a strong sense of story development and management; develop a good working environment and the ability to collaborate effectively; develop strong leadership skills and a strong sense of professionalism; understand and apply First Amendment principles and the law; demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of groups in a global society; work ethically in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness and diversity; critically evaluate your own work and that of others in all relevant areas; provide you an opportunity to develop the skills necessary for a successful career as a communicator." The site is a sequel to Wonderful World of Editing.

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Mindy McAdams' objectives: "Students who complete this course should be able to plan and execute the reporting necessary for a proposed Web project. Write in styles that are appropriate to online media. Evaluate story packages on the Web and explain why they work well in the medium, or why they do not. Write link text that encourages a good experience for the users. Work with other reporters to produce an engaging story for Web presentation. Conduct research online, determine the reliability of sources found, and use the results appropriately as part of a story."

A full list of McAdams' syllabi is here.

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John Russial's "Cyberjournalism" objectives: "To critically examine issues in web publishing, such as writing, editing and design; to produce an original web site, applying lessons learned in the class; to learn some of the techniques used in web publishing."

The Web site produced by his students is Oregon Lifestyle.

List All Study Tools of the Trade Tagged with: Language, Online, Teaching, Writing

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