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Previous editing tests & answer keys

The Dow Jones News Fund editing internship is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students who have reached that status by the postmark deadline. Interns are selected for either the news editing program or the sports editing program. For full details on the program, go to the Dow Jones internship Web site.

Answer keys for the editing tests follow the blank version of each test. The headlines are scored by Rich Holden, executive director of the fund, as follows: minus 5 points if the headline is flat-out wrong; minus 3 points for a misspelling (including names that might be misspelled in the copy, unless the student makes note of the fact); minus 2 points if the headline is too long or too short (they should be no more than four characters short of the count); minus 1 point for a bad split between lines.

Additional resources:

* Students can brush up their language skills with EditTeach.org's Study Tools.

* They can refresh their memory of key news events during the past year at the current events section of the Tools of the Trade.

* Because the test frequently asks students to identify the states on a U.S. map, students may want to drill themselves using the Web sites in the Tool's geography section.

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